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Резюме от 4 апреля 2024

Java Software Engineer в Батуми

ищу работу в Батуми, 2 200 $, любая занятость
Zakharov Aleksei Sergeevich
Zakharov Aleksei Sergeevich 23 года, Батуми, высшее образование
Zakharov Aleksei Sergeevich
Zakharov Aleksei Sergeevich
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Опыт работы

Java Software Engineer
1 год 4 мес май 2023 - Настоящее время
BIV, Kazan
1 год 4 мес май 2023 - Настоящее время
1. Writing and maintaining code:
• writing services;
• algorithm complexity analysis, code optimization;
• analysis and correction of errors;
• passing and conducting the code review;
2. Working with databases:
• building model depending on the subject;
• analysis of the built models;
• database query analysis and optimization;
3. Working with the client:
• clarification of requirements;
• holding meetings to describe project technologies;
• holding meetings to discuss the encountered difficulties;
4. Development Management:
• time estimation;
• breaking feature development into parts and stages;
5. Introducing new employees into the context of the company's products.
Middle Java Developer
1 год 11 мес июл 2021 - май 2023
Aston, Kazan
1 год 11 мес июл 2021 - май 2023
• Development of a java backend for various projects.
• Creation and support of microservice architectures.
• Code refactoring.
• Writing unit tests on the written code.
Backend Developer
11 мес сен 2020 - июл 2021
Sofoil, Kazan
11 мес сен 2020 - июл 2021
• Java backend development for huge old monolith;
• Mapping data models to the requested form;
• Passing code review.

Высшее образование

Kazan Federal Unuvercity, Kazan
Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
4 года авг 2019 - июл 2023

Знание языков

Английский - средний

Дополнительная информация

A certified IT specialist, middle Java programmer with more than 3.5 years of experience.
A significant part of my experience is related to fintech. During my career, I had participated in more
than 15 projects. I accompanied 7 projects from time estimation to production output.
I have strong knowledge of Java, SpringBoot and different data bases. I am also well familiar with
algorithms and data structures.
I am eager beaver in exploring new technologies and sharing the acquired knowledge. I will gladly take
over the best practices from a senior colleague and answer the questions of a younger one.

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Java Software Engineer
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