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Резюме обновлено 18 июня 2024

Bar Worker в Тбилиси

ищу работу в Тбилиси, 1 500 лари, любая занятость
Leushin Alexandr Sergeevich
Leushin Alexandr Sergeevich 24 года, Тбилиси, неполное высшее образование
Leushin Alexandr Sergeevich
Leushin Alexandr Sergeevich
Частное лицо
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Правила безопасности: Не соглашайтесь на предоплату, если не уверены в надежности пользователя.

Опыт работы

Менеджер Бара
3 года окт 2019 - сен 2022
Три Толстяка, Екатеринбург
3 года окт 2019 - сен 2022
My responsibilities included full management of the bar's operations: marketing and maintaining the establishment's image, analytics of supplies and sales, staff management and motivation, assessment of customer satisfaction, and in-depth interviews.
- Staff management: I created job postings, conducted interviews, trained staff, and administered necessary exams. I authored two systematic methodological guides used in the company:
1. A guide to working with guests (clients), as well as developing communicative skills combined with sales techniques;
2. Systematization of knowledge on supply management and working with suppliers.
- Customer service: I spent a significant amount of time working with customers - qualitative and quantitative feedback collection, conducting in-depth interviews with guests, working with reviews. Analyzing all collected information, identifying problems in operations, and correcting these issues.
Other responsibilities:
—Management, coordination, and training staff, kitchen/cleaning staff
—Financial and audit reporting
—Bar inventory management – purchasing, selling, moving goods
—Creating and promoting bar promotions and PR campaigns
—Complete documentation management (receipts, invoices, opening/closing cash register shifts, handling revenue)
—Guest communication - receiving and processing feedback, addressing negative and positive highlighted moments
—Guest database management, dealing with problematic guests, resolving conflicts.
Associate Product Manager
1 год 1 мес дек 2021 - дек 2022, Санкт-Петербург
1 год 1 мес дек 2021 - дек 2022
(I applied the knowledge gained in my main job and implemented product techniques to improve the necessary metrics of the bar)
My responsibilities included:
1. Preparation and conducting surveys of existing users and potential audience:
—KANO surveys: for prioritizing features and development directions;
—Surveys for collecting needs of potential audience and messages for advertising campaigns;
—Participation in in-depth interviews;
—Design and placement of feedback collection forms in the produc.
2. Collection of market and competitor analytics:
—Description and comparison of main competitors by functionality;
—Searching for new products on the market aimed at solving the same Jobs To Be Done (JTBD).
3. Analytics:
—Specifying requirements for analytical events in the product;
—Building an onboarding funnel.
4. Backlog management:
—Maintaining a backlog: describing JTBD and Job stories;
—Prioritizing features (based on research results, RICE method) I worked in HADI cycles, we tested 5-7 hypotheses per week during the active product development phase.
Team: designer, no-code developer on Bubble (Currently, the product is temporarily on support, without active development)

Неполное высшее образование

Уральский Государственный Горный Университет, Екатеринбург
Разработка Рудных Месторождений
5 лет 2 мес авг 2017 - сен 2022

Знание языков

Русский - свободно, Английский - средний

Дополнительная информация

I run my own blog on VC, where I write about startups. . My articles consistently gather a good audience and show up at the top of Google search results. I am the author of a book not released in Russia due to censorship. Among my main skills, I can highlight:

- Teamwork skills
- Ability to create and manage a team
- Stress resistance
- Conflict resolution skills
- The ability to work with large amounts of information, systematize it
- Logical thinking
- Analytical skills
- Articulate speech
- Learnability
- High work capacity
- Creativity
- Ability to work at a fast pace

Номер резюме: 2890

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