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Прочие строительные компании в Батуми

Elt building, ООО
0.0 1 авг 2018

Construction company “Elt Building” presents a multifunctional, residential living complex "Sunrise", developed through new, innovative standards. In the new boulevard, right by the Black Sea Beach, flats from 26 m2 with apartments and different centres.

-1.0 9 июл 2016

Stroitelstva nas interesuet dvux storoni evro formi dlia zaborov

В радиусе 270 км от Батуми
-1.0 20 сен 2019

Construction of Kobuleti-Groileti Highway. The company is specialized in Highway consruction.

0.0 22 мая 2014


0.0 20 июл 2018

Construction. construction. Repair of metal lanterns, farms, concrete work

Caprina, ООО
0.0 5 мар 2020

LLC Caprina - is an international business development company. With having more than 16 years experience in different fields of business in different countries our first priority is customer satisfaction. The main activities of Caprina Holding are classified as Security and safety,...

Kote, ООО
0.0 10 янв 2018

- is a Georgian startup. Our goal is to make buying a home available for everyone. For this we have developed a cottage with the most universal design that can be used for different purposes - in any climatic conditions. The cottage consists of 7 parts and it needs 25 minutes to be up. It is...

Penotex Group, ООО
0.0 18 мая 2019

Производство и дистрибуция строительных материалов. Уже пять лет в Грузинском рынке. Фирма работает с прибылем. Вся производственная техника и транспорт в хорошем состояние.

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