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Sakcable, АО

Представитель компании
Edisher Mamaladzechairman of the Supervisory Board
Адрес компании
Zestafoni Staroselski 15
Zestafoni Staroselski 15
Регистрация: 13 декабря 2022
Индекс активности: F0.0
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Деятельность компании

Joint Stock Company SAKCABLE is the largest manufacturer of cable products in Georgia. The company was established in 1958. From October 2006 the current Administration took over the management of the company In cooperation with German machinery manufacturer SKET, the factory was renewed.
The technological process is upgraded and dew machinery is purchased every year, gaving us opportunity to increase the production volume and improve quality. Sakcable has emerged as the leading producer and distributor of internationally certified copper and aluminum energy cables in Georgia and one of the top producers in the South Caucasus region. The Company presently produces 74 cable types with over 2,000 specifications.

Компания образована в 1958 году, численность 200 чел.
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