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Andersen, ООО

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Grzybowska 60, 00-844 Warszawa
Grzybowska 60, 00-844 Warszawa
Регистрация: 11 августа 2022
Индекс активности: F0.0
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Деятельность компании

Andersen is a pre-IPO software development company providing a full cycle of services. For over 15 years, we have been helping enterprises worldwide transform their businesses by creating effective digital solutions using innovative technologies.
Andersen is a European IT company uniting over 3,500 top-class professionals: developers, architects, testers, analysts, and other specialists. Our employees are located all over the world, but we all are Andersen Family.
Operating in the market since 2007, we have developed more than 1,000 outstanding projects for the financial sector, healthcare, logistics, travel and hospitality, telecom, the automotive industry, etc.
Among Andersen’s customers are Samsung, Johnson & Johnson, Ryanair, Europcar, TUI, Verivox, Media Markt, Shypple, and other corporations. Thanks to the acquired expertise and reputation, we have a stable influx of high-tech projects from the above companies and new customers.
We have been repeatedly recognized in various countries as the best IT employer.
Andersen offers a high salary, comfortable working conditions, a considerable social package, professional growth, and certification.
Working remotely or at the office — it’s up to you.
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Компания образована в 2007 году, численность 3500 чел.
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