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How to use laurel?
The dried leaves, essential oil, and berries are used in products that are readily available in herbal medicine.
Preparing the infusion with the dried and chopped leaves is simple, you just have to leave a tablespoon of leaves in boiling water for about ten minutes. The infusion of laurel is useful in case of cough, cold, fever and other symptoms of the flu, but also to improve digestion, promote appetite and alleviate intestinal disorders caused by excessive fermentation. Therefore, a cup of bay leaf tea during meals can reduce flatulence, bloating, a feeling of heaviness, gas accumulation, bloating and abdominal tension.
Bay berries
These berries have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and are widely used in liquor. They represent a valid natural remedy to strengthen blood vessels, relieve inflammatory pain, support the body in case of seasonal ailments and counteract the action of free radicals. The berries can be used whole or powdered dried: with the whole, slightly bruised, a decoction is prepared, while with the powder it can be added to infusions or other drinks.
Essential oil
With this plant you can also prepare a massage oil with berries, leaving a handful of berries macerated for about ten days in 250 milliliters of olive, sunflower, sweet almond or other vegetable oil. After ten days, the oil is filtered through a sterile strainer or gauze and transferred to a clean, dry dark glass bottle. The oil obtained is kept at room temperature for about three months, away from light and heat sources and is used for localized applications in case of rheumatic pain, bruising, respiratory problems and hemorrhoids.
On the other hand, laurel essential oil can be diffused into the environment through a burner or diffuser to clear the airways, purify the air and improve concentration or used for relaxing and deodorant baths and foot baths, dispersing three to five drops in the bubble bath to add to the bath or foot bath water.
Contraindications, side effects and toxicity
This plant is considered a safe remedy but its use is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to one or more components. Also, bay leaves should not be consumed . Leaf oil can cause skin irritation.
Preparation Methods & Dosage :Bay laurel leaves are dried and used in cooking, mainly to flavor meats and stews. Bay leaves can be taken in tea, used in herbal baths, and infused in oil. The leaves are the source of the distilled essential oil. Bay laurel oil is used topically to relieve pain.

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