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Caprina, ООО

Представитель компании
Khatuna Mkhoyansale Manager
Адрес компании
Tbilisi,Georgia. Vake, Kobuleti St.40, Building 1, No 4.
Tbilisi,Georgia. Vake, Kobuleti St.40, Building 1, No 4.
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Деятельность компании

LLC Caprina - is an international business development company. With having more than 16 years experience in different fields of business in different countries our first priority is customer satisfaction. The main activities of Caprina Holding are classified as Security and safety, construction, agriculture and food industry, manufacturing, tourism industry and international trading. We provide different kinds of Material from different parts of the world. Variety of category of our products is something that we believe that is our Distinction. Our wide network in distribution and service helps us to reach the goods to our customers in shortest time. we support our customers in every situation because we believe they are our main investments. our after sale support is inseparable part of our business.

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