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Kote, ООО

Представитель компании
Tkemaladze Levan Davidovich
Tkemaladze Levan Davidovichfounder, CEO, CTO
Адрес компании
Georgia Tbilisi Innovation st. #7
Georgia Tbilisi innovation st. #13
Регистрация: 10 января 2018
Индекс активности: F0.0
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Деятельность компании

- is a Georgian startup. Our goal is to make buying a home available for everyone.
For this we have developed a cottage with the most universal design that can be used for different purposes - in any climatic conditions. The cottage consists of 7 parts and it needs 25 minutes to be up. It is possible to disassemble the cottage many times, and also place it on the trailer. Our cottages construction does not require any permit - "except for the cases where appropriate regulations are applied to the given plot"

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