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Resume renewed 20 August 2022

Full Stack Web Developer in Tbilisi

I am looking for a job in Tbilisi, Batumi, full time
Holomozyi Oleksandr
Holomozyi Oleksandr 28 years old, Tbilisi, incomplete higher education

Work experience

Full Stack Web Developer (typescript, react.js)
6 mo. Dec 2021 - Jun 2022
NDA, Czechia
6 mo. Dec 2021 - Jun 2022
Type of employment: project work, remotely.
The backend is powered by Ruby on Rails. Client side, website and Android applications in TypeScript, React.js.
Main goals:
√ Stabilization of the work of the client part of the service;
√ Implementation of new functionality.
√ Correction of bugs in the operation of the components of the site and applications;
√ Adding new components to the site and applications;
√ Refactoring of obsolete code;
√ Adaptive layout;
√ And more.
What else:
√ In parallel with this work, a 4-month intensive on Ruby on Rails was held;
√ Technologies we worked with: Git, TypeScript, LoDash, React, HAML, Stylus, SCSS, Webpack, Clappr, Ruby on Rails, MariaDB, Docker, jQuery, Babel, ExtJS;
√ The total footprint is 267 final commits merged with master.
Skills: Git · JavaScript · TypeScript · jQuery · AJAX · Promise · React · LoDash · Stylus · HAML · WebPack · Babel · Clappr · MySQL · SQLite · Ruby · Ruby on Rails · RSpec · TDD/BDD · Docker
Full Stack Web Developer (php, 1c-bitrix, js, react.js)
1 year 2 mo. Oct 2020 - Dec 2021
Paris Nail, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
1 year 2 mo. Oct 2020 - Dec 2021
Type of employment: full time, office.
According to conservative estimates, I completed 172 tasks from the task tracker alone.
Development of microservices:
√ Services for semi-automatic work with receipts;
√ Services for semi-automatic work with accounts, payments;
√ Services for semi-automatic provision of access to educational platforms (GetCource, AntiTrainings).
√ With payment systems: Sberbank, Tinkoff and others;
√ With market place: Yandex.Market, Avito and others;
√ With analytics / advertising services: GA, YM, FB, VK, MT and others.
And tasks like:
√ Development of modules for 1C-Bitrix: payment processing, feed generation, exchange;
√ Creation of new components and refactoring of old ones;
√ Layout of pages and components.
Skills: Git · JavaScript · React · PHP · 1C-Bitrix · D7 · Composer · Guzzle · Middleware · Slim · mPDF · Jenkins · MySQL · Docker · OOP
Head of technical support
2 years 2 mo. Aug 2018 - Oct 2020
Creatium, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2 years 2 mo. Aug 2018 - Oct 2020
Type of employment: full-time, remotely.
As a developer:
√ Wrote 17 external integrations in JavaScript mini-framework;
√ Wrote and maintained a script expanding the functionality of the Intercom service to speed up the work of support;
√ Wrote more than 150 individual scripts for service clients and for internal use;
√ Wrote and hosted 14 general purpose scripts.
As a technical writer:
√ Created a client Knowledge Base of 44 articles;
√ Recorded 106 demo videos for working in the editor and 8 for working in the Personal Account.
As head of support:
√ Created a training system for employees of the 1st, 2nd line of support and moderation direction. These are more than 60 articles in the internal knowledge base describing the principles and work scenarios;
√ Trained 22 employees. Of these, 9 people were transferred to the 2L support level after half a year;
√ Wrote over 300 unique template responses for the support team;
√ Quality control of support and moderators;
√ Resolving disputes and complex issues.
Skills: Git · JavaScript · jQuery · CSS · SCSS · HTML5 · Team Management
2-L technical support specialist
2 years 2 mo. May 2016 - Jul 2018
Platforma LP, Moscow, Russia
2 years 2 mo. May 2016 - Jul 2018
Type of employment: full-time, remotely.
As a developer:
√ Assistance in the implementation of complex and non-standard functionality by writing both simple and complex JS scripts;
√ Finding and eliminating the causes of incorrect operation of third-party code on the "LP Platform" service. Sometimes by modifying the source code of third-party plugins;
√ Created my own section in the internal knowledge base, where I described how to solve difficult situations and how to use the scripts I wrote or corrected.
As a 2nd line support specialist:
√ Finding the reasons for the incorrect operation of user pages and fixing them by remotely connecting to the user's PC (eliminating local reasons for the incorrect operation of the site), making changes to the code of client pages or transferring information about the bug if it cannot be fixed here and now;
√ Diagnosing the work of system integrations with third-party services and transferring information about the problems found;
√ Correction of Robots.txt, Sitemap.xml files, DNS records of custom sites.
Skills: JavaScript · jQuery · CSS
Windows System Administrator Assistant
10 mo. Jun 2015 - Apr 2016
Optom.od.ua, Odessa, Ukraine
10 mo. Jun 2015 - Apr 2016
Type of employment: full time, office.
√ Connection of peripherals;
√ Creation and configuration of accounts on a remote server with subsequent provision of access to them to employees;
√ Preparation of a personal workplace for employees;
√ Installation and configuration of "1C Enterprise" on employees' devices;
√ Constant monitoring of the network and telephony.
√ Edit site styles on the PrestaShop engine;
√ Learned how to program 1C a little. It was necessary to write an algorithm for calculating the preliminary cost of delivery of goods based on volumetric weight;
√ Experience in configuring IP telephony using Asterisk;
√ Experience with Mikrotik equipment.
Skills: CSS · HTML · PrestaShop · 1C · Asterisk · Mikrotik

Incomplete higher education

Good programmer, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Ruby & Ruby on Rails Developer
3 mo. Apr 2022 - Jul 2022
NMetAU-Dnepr, Dnepr, Ukraine
Mechanical Engineering
3 years 9 mo. Sep 2012 - Jun 2016
"ALISA", Pavlohrad, Ukraine
Experienced PC user
1 year 3 mo. May 2008 - Aug 2009


Russian - fluent, English - intermediate, Ukrainian - fluent

Additional information

Citizenship: Ukraine
Place of residence: Tbilisi, Georgia
English level: A2

An experience:
√ 7 years: CSS / HTML / SCSS
√ 5 years: JavaScript / TypeScript / jQuery / Git
√ 3 years: PHP (5.6-8.0)
√ 1.4 years: 1C-Bitrix / MySQL / MariaDB / MongoDB
√ 0.6 years: Ruby / Rails / Stylus / SQLite

√ Building architecture / Development from scratch
√ Team management
√ Code review
√ Testing

Resume number: 1537

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